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Shaanxi province, situated in the heart of China’s northwestern mineral belt, is ranked as a major mining and production center for a variety of outputs. Among the 160 main minerals widely consumed in the world, 138 have been discovered in Shaanxi, with 93 having proven reserves in 510 production centers.

Shaanxi’s production of molybdenum, mercury, rhenium, titanium, gold, coal, blue asbestos, ordinary asbestos, cement limestone and chemical limestone bauxite and refractory clay are among the Nation’s top 3.  Central Shaanxi has extensive non-ferrous metals, precious metals, ferrous metals and non-metallic mineral deposits; the Daba Mountain in the southwest has manganese, phosphorous and gypsum. Oil and gas reserves are also abundant, with an oil-bearing area of about 50,000 square kilometers and a total reserve of 100 million tons.

Coal deposits are found in 46 counties and cities in Shaanxi province; 99% of the total reserves are concentrated in northern Shaanxi and Weibei.

Xian hosts such prestigious R&D institutions as Xian Jiaotong University (  and Xidian University ( facilitating the government’s quest to build Information and Robotics as a pillar industry for the provincial capital.

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