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We have witnessed China’s tremendous progress in its quest to go smart.  The automation and digitization of the coal and mining industries are in accelerating pace.  The new development opens vast opportunities for both Chinese and international players to assist their customers to reach their Green and Smart Mining goals.

To ensure we all are in the cusp of China’s mining transformation, we have built another platform in Xian, China Mining Expo 2024 – an extension to China Coal & Mining Expo (CCME).


Indeed Xian, the provincial capital for Shaanxi, China’s major mining center, home of 138 types of minerals, is ideal to witness such transformation.  It hosts such prestigious R&D institutions as Xian Jiaotong University (  and Xidian University (, supporting Information and Robotics as a provincial pillar industry.

We hope to see you in Xian in October 2024; you may consider taking this opportunity to see the Terracotta Warriors!


China National Coal Association


China National Coal Group Corp

Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co Ltd

Shaanxi Coal Industry Association



        Together Expo Ltd.

        China Coal Consultant International

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